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The sweetness of paradise Greece…

Qurabiya (also known as ghraybe, ghoriba ) is a shortbread biscuit usually made with ground almonds. A lot of countries have its own version and recipes of this delicacy. It is coated in powdered sugar, it’s crumbly and not too sweet. Main ingredients are: almond flour, sugar, egg white, vanilla. It’s a great snack to eat with coffee or tea.

Quarabiya are shortbread cookies that are a showcase of Greece. Their main ingredient is almonds. They are often prepared with brandy, Metaxa, vanilla or rose water. They are usually ball or crescent shaped. They are sprinkled with powdered sugar. We can always meet them on the Christmas Eve table.

Name origin

The reason for this cookie to be called qurabiya is that it was weird for people when it was made. Some people made it out of sugar and almonds. Kourambiedes (in Greek) come from the word “Kuru” which literally means dry, and “biye” which translates to biscuit, so putting all the facts together, kourambies is a type of dry biscuit.

Traditional dish

Quarabiya is the main delicacy on the Greek Christmas Eve table. Greeks love to eat them during Christmas. Very often they are also a gift that the Greeks give themselves during these holidays. Their almond flavor and the fact that they are light, delicate and easily melt in the mouth make them a perfect match between other Christmas Eve dishes.

About us…

We are a dynamically developing company, located in northern Greece, in the region of Macedonia. We place great emphasis on the environmental friendliness and quality of our products. In addition, we try to make our products promoted on social media.

Why is our qurabiya better than others?

Our qurabiyas are Greek shortbread cookies made from ground blanched almonds, eggs, sugar and a small amount of flour. Our almonds come from proven and organic crops in Greece. They are characterized by great crunchiness and a very sweet taste. Our company has its own ecological eggs that come from happy free-range hens, they do not contain antibiotics, no pesticides or other harmful and artificial ingredients. The sugar we use comes from organic certified crops.  Our flour is organic, it is made from cereals that come from organic farming, where no artificial fertilizers or other chemical substances are used that may adversely affect the quality of plants. By replacing the classic flour with organic flour, we can be sure that our qurabiyas made from it are very healthy and wholesome.

Do it yourself!


250g cold butter

150g chopped almonds

50 g whole almonds

75g icing sugar

1 tbsp rose water

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

1 tbsp baking powder a pinch of salt

400g flour a lot of icing sugar for powdering

Start by roasting the almonds. Place the roughly chopped almonds on a baking tray and sprinkle with some water. Bake them for 7-8 minutes, until roasted, being careful not to burn them. Set aside or put in the fridge to cool. In a blender, add the raw almonds and blend, until powdered. Set aside. In a food processor, add the cold butter and sugar; mix for about 10 seconds. Add the powdered almonds, a pinch of salt, the rosewater and the vanilla extract; mix for 10-20 seconds, until combined. At the end, add the baking powder and flour and mix again for 10-15 seconds. Place the mixture in a large bowl and add the roasted almonds; blend lightly with your hands. So wait for a while for the roasted almonds to cool, before adding them to the butter mixture. Preheat the oven to 170C / 340F. Layer the bottom of 2 baking trays with parchment paper and form the kourabiedes. Roll 1 tbsp of the dough into a ball, place on the baking tray and push with your finger in the middle, to form a little dimple. Continue with the rest of the dough. Place in the fridge for 5 minutes until you prepare your next tray. Bake for approx. 15-20 minutes, until they have a very faint golden tint and are cooked through. Be careful not to overbake them.

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