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Orange Paradise

Do you like oranges?

If so, then orange juice is a great option for you and you should definitely try it. Not only does it taste great, it also contains a wealth of active substances which have a beneficial effect on our health. All it takes is a small glass of this nectar and a smile appears on our face and stays there all day.

Orange juice and its properties

In terms of energy value, a glass of orange juice (200ml) is about 95 kcal and actually provides the daily requirement for vitamin C. 

Orange juice contains carotenoids, antioxidants that have anti-cancer effects and delay the aging process. Juice also contains B vitamins and many minerals (zinc, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, calcium).

 Other positives of drinking orange juice are: *Building immunity. *Antioxidant effect on the body. *Improving sensitivity to inflammatory markers.

What do we do to extend the shelf life of orange juice? 

Enzymes and microorganisms are responsible for the spoilage of fresh orange juice. To extend the expiration date of the juice, the juice must be processed. The first step is filtration, followed by pasteurization. So what does the pasteurization process itself look like? The juice is heated in a short time to a high temperature. It is then cooled just as quickly. In addition, some types of juice are concentrated. To do this, water is evaporated and a concentrate is obtained, to which water can then be added before consumption.


Our juice production dates back to the 1920s of the interwar period. Our ancestors have developed a recipe from generation to generation. It is old and labor-intensive, but it has a unique taste and a range of vitamins. The fruit from which our juices are made come from our family plantation. With this solution we can control our products in 100% quality, which means that you will not find a unique taste in another juice.

The logo, which is our trademark, also serves the function of showing what inspires us in the production of our juices. The orange elements reflect the vitality and freshness of our products. The simple form, on the other hand, symbolizes that there is strength in simplicity. Not every flavor has to be fancy to be good.

Red oranges
In addition to ordinary oranges, there are also 3 different varieties of oranges with red flesh, namely Tarocco Sanguinello and Moro of Sicilian origin. They owe this surprising colour to the specific climate in the area and their proximity to Mount Etna. Like other citrus fruits, they have a high vitamin C content, as well as other vitamins and acids full of value.

Due to their specific colour and delicious, juicy flavour, these oranges are very well-known and popular in restaurant dishes. They can also be used in salads or cakes as a topping.

Orange Paradise

 Our name is a symbol of our love for the delicious taste of orange juice. Besides, it is also associated with childhood. Our grandmothers used to work at the juice cafe. It was just called „Paradise”. To honor loved ones, the first part of the name is actually paradise. The second part is simply an ingredient in our products.