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Olive Oil

Olive oil - background

According to local legends, the history of olive oil goes back to the times of ancient gods. According to mythology, the Greek goddess Athena fought with Zeus for supremacy in this area. A conflict broke out between the gods, and it was to be decided by the people. Zeus gave the local natives a spring that salt water and Athena gave mankind an olive tree. People will be grateful for this gift and made it a symbol of peace, wisdom and prudence.    The first olive tree plantations were grown in the eastern Mediterranean. Thanks to the prospering economy and dynamic development of trade, as well as various military conquests, already in the years 5000-1400 BCE. olive oil crops ranged from Crete to Syria, Palestine and Israel.

The process of tooling

First, the olives are crushed into a so-called pulp, which is then mixed, making it easier to separate the oil from the water. it is present in the olives in large quantities . The oil is then separated in a special centrifuge and as a result is separated from the water phase and the pomace. Oil pressing is generally not a long process and the oil is pressed very quickly . The whole process takes about 50 minutes

Interesting facts

Interesting facts about olive oil:                                                            –  olive oil can replace butter,                                                                   – is the best fat for cooking hot food                                                     – it can be used as a substitute for butter,                                             – it is the best fat for cooking hot food,                                                  – it increases the nutritional value of dishes by adding it to them    – can be combined with spices to make salad dressings,                  – is easily digestible                                                                                – has a positive effect on the development of the nervous system,                                                                                                      -protects against cardiovascular diseases,                                       -contributes to good health,                                                                  -is also an important part of a rational diet.