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Lemonade Ice Shock

Ice shock is a new company sweeping the production of Lemonade from naturally and organically grown lemons and limes.

Benefits of lemonade

Drinking lemonade has a very good effect on our body. Not only is it tasty and refreshing, it can also help us with many ailments. Lemonade rehydrates the body, aids digestion, relieves headaches, regulates body temperature and improves the functioning of the immune system.To improve the benefits of consuming our product, we add 50 mg of vitamin C to keep each of our regular customers healthy.

A few words about us

The recipe for our Lemonade is a closely guarded family secret that dates back to the early 20th century. Encouraged by friends and immediate family, we decided to share this wonderful taste of refreshing lemonade with others. This is where the idea to establish the ICE SHOCK company came from. We are a local company that is thriving to expand into the domestic market and in time the global market, preserving the natural peeling and production of lemons and limes.We are committed to ensuring that our juices retain 100% of the refreshing taste of citrus slowly ripening in the full sun.

We heartily recommend that our lemonade be consumed with three ice cubes, add two mint leaves and a slice of lemon for decoration.

A great idea for hot days is to freeze our lemonade together with lemon slices and mint in the form of ice cubes to add to mineral water to enhance the taste experience and turn ordinary water into a super isotonic drink.


Our lemon and lime crops:

-They are located on the sunny shores of the Mediterranean climate in Greece on the Olympic Riviera,

-Our farmers put all their heart into ensuring that the product you consume reaches the shop shelves in the best possible quality, 

-No toxic sprays or unnecessary fertilisers are used in our lemon and lime cultivation,

-We use every part of the citrus because we want to take care of the climate and the environment of our beloved earth.


Our fruits

Lemon (Cirrus limon) came to us from the south-eastern part of China. It is known for being high in vitamin C and for supporting the immune system. Our trees are provided with just the right amount of hydration so that they are always large and juicy.
The lime tree came to Europe from Asia, growing only in tropical climates on the south-eastern part of the continent. The trees have succulent green leaves that bear fruit for 12 months.


We have teamed up with ECO BOTTEL BETTER WORD to help us take care of the planet. In addition to the extraordinary taste experience, we also want to support campaigns to promote ecology and raise awareness of climate change. Our planet is not just for us. It needs YOU and ME to survive for future generations. Help us change the world for the better.