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Is the largest drugstore chain in Greece.
The best face cosmetics
(care; with UV cream, firming, anti-wrinkle, moisturizing, matting, illuminating, for everyday use, special occasions and many more).
We are convinced; that everyone will find something for themselves.



Is a shop with natural cosmetics, produced by hand by our company. You will find Greek cosmetics with good ingredients that have not been tested on animals. Our cosmetics are supposed to make your life pleasant and easier. All cosmetics are packed in glass packages, and you will not find plastic bubble wrap according to the package you will receive, according to the less waste rules.

In our assortment you will find mineral, organic and ecological cosmetics.
Mineral cosmetics with only pure pigments, powdered minerals: iron, zinc, titanium oxides, mica particles, semi-precious stones – quartzite, citrine, tourmaline.
Organic cosmers containing, among others, oils, butters and other natural emollients, hydro-alcoholic plant essences, plant extracts, proteins, antioxidants, essential oils, tensides, emulsifiers, natural dyes and soothing ingredients. 
Ecological cosmetics, which include, among others, algae and clay, aluminum, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, selenium, manganese, copper.


In our drugstore, prices are affordable for everyone. With our application you have a 10% discount on all cosmetics.


Our company organizes many food collections for the homeless and the most needy.

The name „Cosmetic rose” is based on the rose flower, which is unique and timeless. The rose is our leitmotif, it is associated with elegance and calmness, and pink and delicate colors emphasize the feminine nature of our company. Our logo was also inspired by make-up brushes, which are an attribute and indispensable for every woman who is firmly in the world and fighting for hers!

Don’t know what to buy for a gift? We are here for you! 

It’s Christmas soon. Get ready now! Here are some of our gift ideas: 

– a set of moisturizing creams for young people 

– a set of anti-wrinkle creams for the elderly (+50, +60 and many others) 

– a set of firming creams 

– „Surprise” box 

Take care of your loved ones today!

Brak opisu.

Basic face care

 Thanks to basic care, we can properly care for the skin. There are 4 simple steps ahead of you that should be included in our daily care. 

Firstly cleansing. 

After the whole day, we remove the make-up. In our opinion, the best product is the oil from our rose series. If we do not have makeup, we immediately go to the foam or gel, preferably if they are water-based, because ordinary soap dries our skin. 

Secondly toning

 This is a very important point because it restores the skin’s proper pH level, which is disturbed when washing the face with cosmetics. It is best to use products with natural ingredients without artificial fragrances and coloring additives. You can find such products on our website. Let’s not skip this step because it gives our skin radiance and elasticity. 

Thirdly serum 

We apply a product which just one drop is enough to spread it over the entire face. The serum will stimulate the skin to regenerate, add glow, moisturize and brighten it while protecting it against the negative influence of external factors. 

Fourthly hydration / filters 

After applying the serum, it’s time for a moisturizing cream. Every skin, whether it is oily or dry, needs deep hydration. We choose the perfect product for our complexion with rich compositions with the addition of natural ady !!!!

substances. We add eye cream. And let’s not forget about the sunscreen, of course. 


In our offer you will find Face creams and serums 

• moisturizing (especially needed in winter) 

• illuminating (thanks to the vitamin C it contains, it evens out the skin tone) 

• matting (regulates the secretion of sebum, thanks to which our skin does not become bright) 

• nourishing (universal cream that prevents the epidermis from drying out) 

• anti-wrinkle (intended for people 40+ to firm the skin) 

• protective SPF 15, 20, 30, 50 (creates a film on the skin that protects the skin against harmful factors) 

• regenerating (enriched with more nutrients to regenerate dry epidermis)

 • foundation (perfect for makeup) • anti-age (prevents skin aging, for mature people) 

• for acne prone skin 

• eye area (brightens the area under the eyes and deeply moisturizes) 

Tonics and hydrolates Emulsions and essences Peels Masks Make-up removal and cleansing Lip care