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The sweetness of paradise greece…

Peaches are one of the healthiest fruits! These fruits have a lot of very important minerals and a lot of vitamins that have a very good effect on the body. In addition, peaches are healthy, tasty and juicy at the same time. If we have our own garden, we can plant a few trees ourselves and eat our own peaches.

Peach is a tree that has been cultivated in Greece for over 4,000 years. It is used in cosmetics and kitchens. We can also meet it as an ornamental plant.

Peach is a low-calorie fruit. Her skin is a huge source of many valuable nutrients. These include: vitamins C, E, B group, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, folic acid, boron, calcium, iron.

Peaches are rich in vitamins and minerals which affects the appearance of our skin and body. They will prove themselves in the fight against rheumatic diseases, diseases of the urinary system and even colon cancer. They cleanse our body of toxins. They can be eaten raw, but also processed into jams and even dried. They are an excellent addition to cocktails, salads, juices, jams, preserves and tinctures.

Sweet Greek peaches

Greece, after France and Italy, is the third largest peach producer in the world. This distinguishes it from other manufacturers. Greek fruits are tasty, juicy, soft and sweet. In addition, Greece does not use too many crop pesticides. The main region where these fruits are grown is Imatia.