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Aphrodites soaps

Soap straight from Aphrodite’s rose gardens.

Handmade natural rose soap made of the highest quality ingredients.

It is produced according to old traditional recipes. It is suitable for all skin types.  Perfectly refreshes, moisturizes and improves its appearance.

Our product includes freshly plucked roses and olive oil.

Our cosmetics are perfect for everyday body care!

We are a company that creats soaps with passion. Our employees are experienced and involved in production.

Few words about our company

Our company is a family business, our recipe of making soaps comes all the way from 1890 when it was first made by the company owners grand grandparents. Since then we guarantee the same exact quality as the recipe hasn’t been changed once.

We are 100% eco friendly!


The soap is fully handmade – we are not using any chemicals, hardeners or preservatives. On the their hand the packaging contains fully recyclable paper that we collect from maculature.

In addition to soaps, we also produce: creams, face masks, facial toners.

Special offers

We offer gift card which are perfect for special occasions, giftboxes that we pack individually for every client. We provide equally as for new clients as for regular ones, you get 10% off your first order, regular clients get to test our new products before they are officially for sale and some extra sales just for them. 


We send our packages from Monday to Friday 

(we send them as soon as we can).

 Delivery is free troughout all the European Union.

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